Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boba Fett Overrated?

After watching the Star Wars movies from beginning to end recently over the past few weeks, I've come to find that I'm not overly impressed with Boba Fett(or the Fett family for that matter). He has a huge fan following for someone who only appeared in the movies for a short time and didn't really accomplish anything impressive in that time.

Sure, he looks cool. The helmet and armor is spiffy and he has a jetpack. His ship is interesting, but in reality it looks sort of like a shoe. Boba Fett is really very similar to Batman. Both have cool looking outfits and vehicles. Both have fancy gadgets that they use to subdue enemies. Both have no real superpowers to speak of. The only main difference is that Boba Fett uses a gun, whereas Batman's advanced methods of combat revolve around kicking and punching people.

Watching Boba Fett hide in his ship and track the rebels to Cloud City was somewhat impressive, but aside from that, what did he really do? He bargained(ever so briefly) with Darth Vader over the bounty on Han Solo, he nodded to Leia when she did the thermal detonator bluff shtick, and he got hit in the jetpack by a blind man and fell into a pit. Is this really the resume of greatness? I think not.

I guess it all starts with his father(I say father, but as we all know, Boba was simply a replica of Jango Fett birthed about 20 years later), Jango Fett. Jango at the very least appeared to have accomplished some things. He had some scars, his own place, his own replica, and apparently someone thought highly enough of him to create an army of millions based on his cloned DNA. If that isn't a self-esteem boost, I don't know what is.

However, Jango also achieved small success on screen. In the sand arena scene, a helmetless Jango is held at saberpoint by Windu. Eventually he tries to hit Windu with a flamethrower, misses, but manages to force Windu down into the arena. Not too shabby considering how powerful Mace Windu was. Jango then put his helmet on and shot up a Jedi that got up on the dias. He did a pretty nice job, then tucked his gun revolver-style into his holster. Very badass.

This wasn't to last though. Jango then waited for Windu to become busy with something else and turned on his trusty jetpack and tried to catch him by surprise. It didn't really work. Windu was able to get himself together and they squared off. Jango looked extremely helpless as Windu charged at him with his purple saber, firing off a couple desperate rounds before losing his head.

That's what you're basing an army of clones on? Folks, I hate to tell you, but this simply isn't good enough. I'm pretty sure the bald guy on Cloud City with the little communication device wrapped around his head would have been a better choice. The Fetts come off as disappointing and I don't really see the fascination.

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